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Panoramic Bariloche

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Duration 30 minutes

An incredible walk overlooking the Andes Mountains and its main volcanoes.

ARS - x 2 passengers.
Consult for a third passenger.

We take off from our Headquarters at the LNH Aerodrome heading West. We gain height until we reach about 6,000 feet. We can enjoy the views of S. C. de Bariloche on an incredible Coastal City Tour. From there we will see the rotating confectionery at Otto Hill and it can be seen up to the airport.

We continue on the rise in the same direction reaching the northern tip of Gutierrez Lake, arriving very close to Villa Catedral, Catedral Mountain and its ski slopes. There, with a height of between 7,000 and 8,000 feet, we changed course and headed West.

We see Mount Tronador and behind the Osorno and the Puntiagudo volcanos. We continue turning, heading North and if the day is clear you can see the Lanín volcano.

We begin to descend.

We have a direct and clear visual of Victoria Island and the Blest arm of Nahuel Huapi Lake.

We pass lateral to the Bellavista, Goye and López hills and continue descending until we land at the LNH Aerodrome.

An extensive 30-minute flight that will allow you to get to know Patagonia from a new point of view, entering the most beautiful landscapes and geographies of our land. An experience like no other in a unique place.


LNH Airfield

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