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Heli-Tour Potrerillos

35 min. flight

We take off from La Puntilla Aerodrome heading southwest following the trail of the Mendoza River to Potrerillos.

We will fly over the mountain villages on the banks of the River and the canyons in Cacheuta where we will gain altitude looking for 8000 feet.

From that height we can have a spectacular view of the Cordón del Plata, imposing and perhaps the most picturesque part of this area of the mountain range. Its peaks have a height that varies between 4000 and 5000 meters above sea level, where the two great guardians stand out: the Tupungato volcano of 6570 meters above sea level and the Cerro del Plata with 5968 meters above sea level, they are the two highest hills after Aconcaugua.

The Potrerillos Dam reservoir is a festival of colors: the turquoise of the lake, the green of the mountains, the blue of the sky and the white of the eternal snows of the Cordón del Plata.

This landscape will remain in your memories forever!

Next to the Potrerillos reservoir we will descend, losing height bordering the lake and then return through the Cacheuta valley on the Mendoza River.

Once out of the valley, we follow the Mendoza River until we head east towards the aerodrome.

This panoramic view of the valley, the foothills, foothills and mountains allows us to appreciate the impressive Mendoza desert, the importance and wonder of the irrigation system that was developed by the huarpes - original inhabitants - that is used until today and that gives rise to the 5 oases that the province has (only 5% of the total territory is cultivable) and forges the idiosyncrasy of the land of Mendoza: gratitude to nature, care of resources and dedication to work.



La Puntilla Aerodrome

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